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Dear Friends of Spinnakers:


It is with deep regret that I will not be re-opening Spinnakers Cafe at our long-time Ferry Wharf location.  As many Jamestowners already know, we were unable to reach a lease renewal agreement here at the wharf.

We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from everyone and are deeply grateful for your encouragement and offers of aid.

Some of you have inquired about outstanding gift cards. We will absolutely be offering a refund for all who wish.  Please mail us your gift card along with your contact information to:

Spinnakers Café

P.O. 143

Jamestown, RI 02835

We are extremely proud of everything we accomplished during our 16-year run on the Jamestown waterfront. The industry is, at its heart, a “people business” and I am grateful to the Jamestown community for welcoming me.   An enormous part of what made Spinnakers special came from giving local kids their first job and having them stay to grow up with us! That has been an extremely rewarding part of our journey.  Thank you to all of our exceptional staff!

As you can imagine, it has taken some time to wind down our operations and we do not have definitive future plans yet.  I will continue to provide updates, when available.

Finally, to all our outstanding customers near and far: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!



Beer & wine

Food and Ice cream by the sea!

We've crafted an extensive menu that has something for everyone! From deli-style sandwiches to fried seafood and lobstah' rolls... we've got it all! 

We try to keep it fun, casual, and easy for everyone!

Feel free to call ahead for takeout orders, or take a seat on our beautiful beach-front deck and enjoy!

We offer...
Richardson's local creamy goodness!!!!!

All of our flavors are sourced from Richardson's ice cream in Massachusetts with the occasional guest feature of Gifford's!! 

Enjoy a kiddie, small, medium, or large cone or cup on the water!

Ask your scooper to add any toppings or just go NUTS for a SUNDAE!!

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